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All you need to know about Tenants Move-In app

How do I get started?2018-09-14T18:39:26+00:00

First you must receive a welcome email from your property manager. 

Click on either the Android or the iOS to download the app, depending on your device.

Once downloaded, you can log in using the email address in which you received the welcome email, and the password stated in it.

Does this app work on Android and Apple devices?2018-10-15T03:40:58+00:00

Yes, the Tenant Move-In app is created to be fully compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

How to perform a Move-In inspection?2018-10-15T03:49:02+00:00

After you login, click on the Move-In inspection button. Then select your property, click on Move-In. If multiple tenants are present, you may add their names as well. Then, press Continue.

You will now see many areas of the property. If you click on the arrow to the left of the Area name, you will see different Details associated with that Area.

Each detail of the area, shows a bar containing an N, an S, a D, and a “!” icon.

  • N stands for new
  • S stands for satisfactory
  • D stands for damaged
  • ! stands for action needed

If, for example, the Area look primarily acceptable, tap the “ALL” about the S to mark everything Satisfactory.  You can then separately change just the relevant items to D for Damaged.  Or, if something needs to be done, you can use the “!” to assign an Action item.

You can make comments clicking the text bubble button, and add photos clicking the photo button. Be sure to make a lot of comments and take a lot of photos. 

After you have inspected every area and its details, you hit continue and you sign and click on continue to end the inspection.

You will then be re-directed to the home page of the app, where you can see at the left bottom corner of the screen “Uploading”, wait until it says 0, meaning that every photo and comments was uploaded. Then, you will receive the inspection report in your email.

Video Instructions

Do I need internet connection to use the app?2018-10-06T13:49:25+00:00

No, you do not.  You will need an internet connection initially to log in. However, the actual inspection report can be done with a device not connected to the internet.  All of your pictures are store in a “Queue” ready for uploading.  You will need to open the app when you are on a good internet connection in order for all photos to upload.

How many photos can I upload?2018-12-06T20:42:31+00:00

You can upload as many pictures as you need to fully document the situation. Above approximately 800 pictures, you may receive a link to download the PDF as opposed to having a PDF in an email attachment.

Can I make comments as well as take photos?2018-10-06T07:17:26+00:00

Absolutely! Simply tap the text bubble with the letter T in the inspection layout.  You may make as many comments as necessary.  Most modern devices will support Talk-to-Text by tapping the microphone on the keyboard as well.

Can I print the reports?2018-10-06T07:15:08+00:00

Yes, the report is limited to six pictures per page as opposed to very small thumbnails.  This provides sufficient resolution for most tenant inspection purposes.

Can I change the information after the report has uploaded?2018-10-15T03:50:34+00:00

No, both the property manager and tenant will get a PDF copy of the report in their email.

It is possible for a property manager to open the inspection and make changes on their own mobile app after the inspection has been completed, but the tenant would need to re-sign this inspection on the property manager’s mobile device.

What happens if I pause an inspection?2018-10-06T07:08:10+00:00

If you pause an inspection, you will see a counter that the inspection is in progress. You can resume the inspection at any time. However, we strongly encourage you to finish the inspection as soon as possible since your property manager can block your access to the app at any time typically subject to the time-requirements in your lease.

Who creates the layout of the property?2018-10-06T07:01:17+00:00

The property manager is the one who creates the layout (list of Areas to inspect). When the tenant logs-in to their app, the property Area list will be available for inspection.