Property Managers / Owners2018-12-28T15:13:23+00:00

Become more efficient and let your tenants feel confident.

What is this app for?2018-10-15T03:52:42+00:00

The Tenant Move-In app lets your tenants do their own move-in inspections, letting you not only to save time, but also to develop a trustful and confident relationship with your tenants. Why? Because they are the ones that do the inspections, letting them point out any damage they find in their property. Then, there is no place for doubts!

While you are managing loads of properties, you can have your own tenants doing their move-in inspections for you. It’s a win-win.


Does this app work on Android and Apple devices?2018-10-15T03:40:58+00:00

Yes, the Tenant Move-In app is created to be fully compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Can I print the reports?2018-10-06T07:15:08+00:00

Yes, the report is limited to six pictures per page as opposed to very small thumbnails.  This provides sufficient resolution for most tenant inspection purposes.

Can I change the information after the report has uploaded?2018-10-15T03:50:34+00:00

No, both the property manager and tenant will get a PDF copy of the report in their email.

It is possible for a property manager to open the inspection and make changes on their own mobile app after the inspection has been completed, but the tenant would need to re-sign this inspection on the property manager’s mobile device.

Can I disable a tenant’s access to the app?2018-10-06T07:03:49+00:00

Yes, the property manager may disable access to the tenant to perform the move-in inspection. Typically, the time period for this is specified in the lease agreement. If the tenant completes the inspection, the tenant will receive a PDF inspection report in their email for their documentation purposes.

Who creates the layout of the property?2018-10-06T07:01:17+00:00

The property manager is the one who creates the layout (list of Areas to inspect). When the tenant logs-in to their app, the property Area list will be available for inspection.

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